In addition to being the leader in medium truck market, Hino also leader in Large Bus Market in Indonesia with good quality and reliable after sales service.
With Euro-2 engine that has great performance, economical, and competitive prices.
Hino completed their bus variant from front engine bus order 215 PS, the bus rear engine 235 PS and 260 PS, and also 260 PS rear engine CNG bus order.
Now Hino bus presents RN 285, air suspension bus with common rail engine to complete line up of the Hino buses.



Hino Bus RN 285 with air suspension system gives a high level of comfort and easy to maintain.
Complete with Stabilizer and Lateral Rod on Shock Absorber & better stability.



Hino bus FB130 offers the advantages of a powerful engine as well as economical.

Hino bus has had reputation as a comfortable and agile to ride.

Very suitable for transport in the city.


Hino Bus R235 and R260 uses engine with power 235 PS and 260 PS has been proven as a tough, economical, and eco-friendly bus.


Hino bus equipped with a full air-braking system which have strong braking power and easy to maintain.


Hino bus has been fitted with Euro 2 engine so that lower emissions and more environmentally friendly